July Newsletter - Ital Creations News

July Newsletter - Ital Creations News

reSET Impact Accelerator

Thursday June 23rd was a highly anticipated day for 11 entrepreneurs who went through four months of intense work with reSET. reSET focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to build businesses that make an impact in the community. At the end of the four month program, all 11 entrepreneurs pitched their businesses in front of 200 individuals and 3 judges, competing for a total of $15,000 in grants. The judges were Rache Brand, Partner of Star Strong Capital, Kim Hawkins, President & CEO of HEDCO, and Onyeka Obiocha, Executive Director of CTNEXT.


All participants were winners as they were each granted a $500 prize. As a surprise to everyone, Onyeka Obiocha was so impressed that he granted $500 to each participant on behalf of CTNEXT on the spot.

Audience Favorite: Audrene Dias of Ital Creations - $1,000

Third place: Shyanne Valentine of More than a Coloring Book - $2,000

Second: Shef Tori of Breakfast Belle & Bamma Fish Fry & More - $3,000

First: Dr. Melissa-Sue St. John of Lauren Simone Publishing House - $5,000

At the end, Ital Creations won Audience Favorite! An amazing win!

In the Community

WFSB NEWS - Interview with Caitlin Francis

Tuesday July 5th, Ital had an interview with Caitlin Francis from WFSB News. The interview lasted about 20 minutes. We spoke about how and when the business started, the progress we have made and where the business is heading. The interview aired on July 19th. 

Check out the interview here: 


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Interesting Fact 

What do you know about soap?

In the 1500s-1700s soap was a luxury and used mainly by the rich. This was because soaps were primarily made from animal fat. Which made it more expensive to make or purchase. The shift from animal fat to plant based fat in the mid-1800s made it more cost effective for soap makers and consumers.

Upcoming Events

Farmers Market / Pop-ups

Jul. 12 - West End Farmers Market

Jul. 14 - Know Good Market

Jul. 21 - Broad Street Market

Jul. 26 - West End Farmers Market

Aug. 11 - Broad Street Market

Aug. 14 - Soca Run for Justice

Aug. 16 - West End Farmers Market.

Want to learn more about us?

Email: info@italsoapco.com

Phone: (860) 380 - 7587

Instagram: ital_creations_llc

Website: www.italsoapco.com

Thank you for taking the time to read though our first Newsletter!

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