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Bath Bags

Bath Bags

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4 bags included.  4" x 6"  

So you're ready for your bath! You empty the contents of your package into the tub, your bluetooth plays your favorite jams, you grab your new book or tablet, pour a glass of wine and step in to your luxury bath.  Some time goes by and you feel good, relaxed, and rejuvenated.  The last thing you want to do is turn around and clean up all the left over flower buds and petals in the tub.  Sigh, no one wants that! 

So these bath bags are perfect because all you would need to do is grab the bag and dump  it along with all the flower petals.  Saves you the hassle of cleaning up and your drains!

They are easy to use.  Just pour roughly 4oz of Bath Salts into the bag, pull the string tightly and drop it into the tub while filling.  This will help the salt crystal dissolve faster.

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